CedarRock Outdoor Experiences

CedarRock Outdoor Experiences

You are invited!

If you are local, or will be traveling to our area (Hico/Stephenville/Glen Rose/Granbury, TX), we plan to offer some outdoor experiences in order for you to share in our lives here at CedarRock. I treasure the time I have been able to live here. I want to share it with others through actual experiences at our place, or through word and image on this website. So, if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, come visit!

We hope to offer all or some of the following in 2018. Many of these will be seasonal due to suitable weather, wildflowers in bloom, etc.

If you have any suggestions of things you would like to do let me hear from you.

Wildflower/Herb Notebooking–this will be a class where you go out into the field to identify wildflowers, sketch them, take notes about their uses, and learn how to prepare them for use. Take some home in a bouquet to enjoy when they are in abundance. Take photos when they aren’t. In the herb class you will learn about herbs you can grow and how to use them.

More wildflowers and plants that grow here:

 CedarRock Flora


Hayrides–nighttime or daytime hayrides around the place. Daytime hayrides will take you to interesting spots to explore. Nighttime will include time for stargazing.

Goatwalking–take goats out on leashes for a walk or experience the ‘Tranquil Shepherd Life’ for yourself as we wander about the place with the goat herd. Learn about goats as we take them around to their favorite foods.

Photographs taken while Goatfollowing

Technology Detox–leave your technology behind and spend some down time in nature in a ‘sky chair’ or hammock and just do nothing for awhile but contemplate the beauty of the limbs of the tree above you and the soft sound wind makes whispering through the leaves.

Photography–bring your camera for photographs of wildflowers, animals, landscapes, trees, etc.

To view or purchase images visit:


DoggieDayTrip–bring your well-mannered, well-trained dog out for a romp in the country and a cooling swim in the tank. (pond to some folks) If you love dogs, but don’t have one of your own, you are welcome to take our dogs out and enjoy watching them enjoy a romp.

Fish–experience fishing bass and perch at our stock tank (pond). At times, this will be only catch and release depending upon fish population.

Hike–or just take a Serenity Stroll–go at your own pace through the cedar woods and pastures. Stop to pet the cows or horse along the way. You may see some wildlife if you walk quietly!

Birdwatching–we have many bird visitors throughout the year.

Mule rides–no, this isn’t the furry critter with long ears. We may have one someday for you to ride, but until then, we will offer rides around the place on our Kawasaki Mule. (It is like a golf cart)

Education–classes on such topics as: herbs, plant identification, milking a goat or cow, yogurt/kefir making, cloth dying, and learning classes for children which incorporate literature and the love of outdoors.

To learn about plants that grow here at CedarRock and other natural health topics, visit my Facebook page:

 An Herb A Day.


dog licking lips by bluebells

My husband offers License to Carry and other firearms training courses as well as private group instruction.

To learn about these course offerings:

Cedar Rock Armory










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