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The Importance of Beeing Someone

Is it vanity and futility to spend all your time learning and gaining experience only for it to follow you to the grave? Not many take the time to write a book or formally teach others all the things they have learned in life. All their accumulated knowledge doesn’t get passed on when the person passes on. It can be depressing to think about. But it doesn’t have to be.

Wintertime of a Soul

Wintertime. Today is a stark, bleak, dreary, damp, chill-to-your bones February day. I am wishing for spring sunshine that seems slow in coming. Yearning for that which is different from what is…put me in mind […]

Cooking with the Queen of Concoction

Concoction. It’s a nice word. Like many words, it can have several meanings. Years ago, I was crowned, “Queen of Concoction”. It is lost to dim memory who officiated my coronation ceremony. Perhaps it was […]

Thankfulness: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Since this is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I am going to write about things I am thankful for. No surprise, I’m sure, that I would go with the thankfulness theme, but what I’m thankful for […]

Appreciation: Apple of My Eye

What do you think of when you hear someone say someone is the ‘apple of their eye’? I have gained new perspective on this age old phrase. As I learned to understand what the phrase meant, I gained a deeper understanding. We often take words for granted without truly appreciating them. People, too.

Housework Made Pleasant:                 ‘Tis A Pleasant Fiction

Do I enjoy housecleaning? Not at all! I would rather be outdoors, but when company calls, it is a call to action. Suddenly, I see the filth I have been content to live in and in a burst of cleaning frenzy, nothing escapes my blitzkrieg cleaning crusade.

Make Up, Face Masks: What are you concealing?

“Even an old barn looks better with a coat of paint” I adhered to this adage for many years but life has a way of changing our perspectives. And priorities.

What am I Doing?

My first blog entry, considering in print my reasons for starting a blog and photo gallery.

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