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Life Lessons Learned from a Fuzzy Leaf

When we first moved here to our place we named, “Cedar Rock,” living amongst the cedar trees and rocks lived a curious looking plant that neither of us were familiar with that was to teach […]

Journey to the Land of Better Health

 This story is longer than others I have posted so far.   But that is the nature of a journey–long and winding– I will try not to be long-winded as I share with you my journey […]

Confessions of a Skinflint

First we searched for the perfect coffee cup and then I taught you my idea of the perfect cup of coffee. In this post, I will tell you how to prepare a cheaper, yet still tasty and nutritional version of my perfect cup of coffee.

Libation: Perfect Cup of Coffee

Libation of the gods…you need to be proselytized….

The Perfect Coffee Cup

Everyone has heard of the search for that perfect cup of coffee. But what about the vessel? Here’s my search for the perfect coffee cup.

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