Cedar Rock is the name of our place here in Texas where we have lived for the past 18 years. We call it Cedar Rock, because of the vast amounts of both cedars and rocks on this place. The name is not very imaginative, but it is descriptive. Our home is a place of beauty that changes with the seasons; the lush greeness of spring, the stark brittle browns of winter broken only with dots of green the many cedars give to the landscape.

It can be a dangerous place with scorpions, rattlesnakes, prickly pear, nettles and thistles generously spread over the land. And you have to watch your step for those cowpies–piles of cow manure, too. Standing on the west side of our place, you are on a high hill with a sweeping vista stretching in all directions. Straight across to the east, lies a long line of mesas, lazily stretching north and south. These two high places make a sort of a shallow valley between. In the lower parts, the soil is deep and black and rich. On the hills, it is a rocky, thin soil called caliche, filled with prehistoric marine life fossils.

Up above, the wide open blue sky greets us almost daily. Early morning and late evening, they gift us gorgeous sunrises and blazing sunsets. At night with no artificial lights, the natural twinkling ones up above are easy to see and look close enough to reach up and grab.

The land yields bounty some years and nothing but dust and drought in others. We always have an array of wildflowers to make lovely bouquets with and enjoy them indoors. The bees keep busy visiting them.

Cedar Rock is a place of beauty, danger, toil, relaxation, frustration, tranquility, stickers, soft grass, warm spring breezes, chilling north winds. Just like life, it is full of surprises and disappointments, beauty and ugliness, joy and pain. Living here has been a gift that I treasure. The life I have experienced here has taught me many things. I am glad that my journey brought me to this place and now as an empty nest mom, I want to take my new found free time and gift these things back to others through this venture.

It is my hope that through my sharing with you my insights, stories, and photographs, you can see the world through my eyes. And I hope to learn from you and see the world through yours!

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