The Importance of Beeing Someone

The Importance of Beeing Someone

Rather than striving to be someone here on this earth, let’s try ‘beeing’ someone…

I was ruminating on the futility of the accumulation of knowledge and experience in each human’s life. Some pass it on by teaching others, or leave written record, but most just pass on through life carrying their gleaned wisdom to the grave. But, perhaps they do dispense their lessons–rather than recorded in dusty tomes on the shelf, or deliberate teaching, it is shared here and there in bits and pieces like a bee disseminating pollen, allowing others to blossom.

The bee goes on about her life tasks, busily completing her job at hand, never concerning herself with the big picture of what she is accomplishing, nor recognizing her importance. Daily living is enough. Helping her community survive is enough. She leaves a wake of awakening life around her, making growth and life possible in a beautifully designed symbiosis which reaches beyond the initial plants she comes in contact with like ripples upon water.

The tiny, insignificant, un-unique bee goes about her work seemingly oblivious to the greater importance of her menial task of foraging for the family.

Those who brush against her and are dusted with a bit of pollen, are all the better. Thank you to all those bees out there who have brushed against me.


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