Libation: Perfect Cup of Coffee

Libation: Perfect Cup of Coffee

 Previously, I told about my search for the perfect coffee cup. I had already found the perfect cup of coffee and just needed a matching vessel in order to enjoy my morning libation.

Do you know what ‘libation’ means?  A quick Google inquiry results in this tidbit of knowledge:

“a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.
synonyms: liquid offering, offering, tribute, oblation”

My morning beverage comes pretty close to what I would think God would drink to start his day.  I add dark chocolate to my coffee often. So if you were to do another quick Google search, you would find that cacao means, “the food of the gods” and that some cultures deemed it to have medicinal,  sacred, spiritual, along with its nutritional properties.  It was prepared as a beverage for the elites of the Mayan and Aztecan societies.

However, your perfect cup of coffee may be plain black. I never developed a taste for plain coffee. My husband derives great pleasure from a cup of simple hot black coffee. Not that he won’t drink a cup with added ingredients, but he can enjoy it black, whereas I can not.

I used to drink coffee, or should I say, cream with some coffee, and an ever-increasing amount of sugar. It was wonderful until the caffeine and sugar side effects hit. I didn’t know the hidden dangers in my morning habit. The toll it was taking on my adrenals and subsequent health was great.  So when I made a total diet lifestyle change, coffee was cut out. I didn’t drink it for several years.

Then I learned about Bulletproof Coffee.  A guy named Dave Asprey was mountain climbing and the Sherpa guides made a drink with coffee and yak butter. Dave was amazed at the great taste and the energy he felt after drinking it. So when he got back home, he set out to recreate the drink using ingredients he found locally, such as grass-fed butter and coconut derived MCT oil all blended into a frothy, creamy wonderfulness.  This drink has become very popular and Bulletproof Coffee offers many choices of additives for your coffee enjoyment and health benefits. These additives aren’t cheap–because they aren’t cheaply made! I have found it is worth it to buy quality food. If we put cheap junk in our bodies, we ultimately pay the price down the road in poor health. Besides, wouldn’t you expect the drink of gods to be a little pricey?

If you are curious and would like to learn more,  visit . They have many articles and videos on healthy living and information on their coffee additives and supplements.

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