The Perfect Coffee Cup

The Perfect Coffee Cup

You have probably heard of the search for the perfect cup of coffee. Well, I have been searching for the perfect coffee cup.

My requirements are few, but stringent:

  • It has to hold more than a cup.
  • It has to feel good in my hands.
  • It has to feel good to my lips and not leak around the sides of my mouth.
  • It has to be aesthetically appealing.

I have purchased several cups that looked really great, but when the real test came, I found they were not shaped right and made for unpleasant sipping. So I was faced with resorting to covertly mouthing cups in the store (frowned upon by others and me as well) or buying potential perfect cups and amassing a collection of pretty, but useless cups.

Recently in Big Lots, while shopping for items unrelated to the cup quest, I happened upon a promising vessel.  I am normally against lettering on anything I buy–no shirts with words or logos, no bags with words or logos, no coffee cups with words or logos.  But this cup’s coloring very much appealed to me.  I also liked the weight, feel in my hands, and generous size. The lettering was in a teal color which I have an affinity for and its contrast to the cup’s base color intrigued me. So I bent the ‘no letters’ rule and ticked off all the other ‘must haves’ which tipped the scales in the direction of a purchase. All that remained was-would it pass the drink test? Was it destined to be another unused cup in the cupboard?  Or might I be holding my Holy Coffee Grail?

The next morning, I made  my usual Bulletproof coffee and in great expectation, lifted the cup to my lips. It was perfect! No leaks, beautiful cup, felt good in my hands and I think it made the coffee taste even better.  For now, my search is over. I have the perfect coffee cup.

Now as for that perfect cup of coffee, that will be my next story….






















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