When My Goats get my Goat; Capricious Caprines

When My Goats get my Goat; Capricious Caprines

The goats can sure drive me mad! I just don’t understand them sometimes. They do the most ignorant things! They poop in their own food. They can get out of a pasture, but can’t get back in. The mothers put their babies down to sleep out in the pasture, but can’t figure out where they left them! They figure out how to get over here on the house side of the fence, but when it starts to rain, they don’t know how to get back on the other side to their shelter.

They are so fastidious they will not eat slightly damp or soiled food, but then they promptly soil it with their dirty feet in the pan or by relieving themselves in the middle of the food pan. They do such foolish actions. They race blindly from one spot to another trying to be the first to get to real or perceived food. It doesn’t matter that  they have just eaten grain and have been eating forage all day long–they still race full blast to where they think food is as though they were starving! They destroy anything they can, even a shelter built to protect them. They definitely have no compassion for one another—it is a total ‘me first’ attitude.

I wonder if this is how God feels about us when he looks down on here on earth? We stuff ourselves at a meal and then rush to grab the last piece of cake or scoop of ice cream before someone else gets it. We make foolish decisions that make no sense. We get into messes, but can’t figure out how to get out of them. We go off and leave our kids with other people and forget about them for the day. When I see the people lined up at stores at Christmas or rushing to the sales racks, I think of my goats racing one another. We wreck what God created for us here on earth. We have no regard for our fellow man. We operate on a ‘me first’ mode, just like my goats.

In the Bible we are often referred to as sheep. I don’t have any sheep and can’t vouch for the comparison, but I sure can see how we are a whole lot like goats. I am thankful God has more patience with us than I have with my goats.


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