Confessions of a Skinflint

Confessions of a Skinflint

Bulletproof coffee on a shoestring budget…

Okay, so you liked the idea of Bulletproof Coffee, but my argument to invest in buying the products was unconvincing. Yet you still have a niggling curiosity about what it tastes like.  Or, you want to try it out before investing in the good stuff….Well my fellow skinflints*, you are in luck. I will grant you a boon and tell you ways to experience a more perfect cup of coffee at the kitchen help price level. This is what the cooks in the Mayan kitchen were sipping while stirring up the expensive beverage for their elite.  You may already have some of these in your kitchen.

I started out using the basic Bulletproof coffee recipe of grass-fed butter and MCT oil, and over time my drink has evolved due to cost, access to products, and epihany.   I also make what I christened, “Cofftea” which is a combination of herbal tea and coffee. I use organic coffee and usually do half decaf and regular to reduce amount of caffeine. I have found that with the added ingredients and also using organic coffee, I do not get the bad jittery side effects that I once did, but I still want to limit my intake.

Sometimes I make a simple cup of coffee with just butter. Other times I might add one or several of the following:

  • Grass-fed butter (Kerry Gold is easily found. You can buy cheaper butter, or use what you have, but grass-fed is best for your health. PLEASE do NOT use margarine!)
  • Grapeseed oil (I can no longer eat coconut products due to food sensitivities, so no MCT oil for me, plus it is lot cheaper than other oils)
  • Pecan oil (feel free to experiment with oils–olive and avocado oil did not taste good to me. Pecan is hard to find and does cost more…)
  • Stevia (I like English Toffee flavor. Please no sugar or fake sugars)
  • Maple syrup (I recently found some that had flavors infused such as vanilla and cinnamon)
  • Honey. Very good for you unless you have a sensitivity as I do.
  • Collagen or gelatin (buy organic, grass-fed) I prefer gelatin, which is the ‘cooked’ version of collagen. I like it because I make extra butter coffee and put in the fridge for later. It will gel and make a coffee flavored dessert. Or reheat to liquefy.
  • Herbal teas. My favorites: chai, Tulsi, cinnamon, dandelion/chicory
  • Dark chocolate. For its health benefits. *wink*
  • Pecan or almond milk. At this time, Malk is the only brand I have found that does not use any gums and other additives. Unfortunately, I cannot find it locally.  You can always make your own nut milks.
  • Coconut milk or cream
  • Inulin. This is a ‘pre-biotic’ that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

The options are limited only to your imagination and taste. You can mix and match and dream up your own great cup of coffee. It is a great way to start the day. Make that morning ritual count by adding good quality fats and other nutritional ingredients. Put all this in a blender and blend for about 60 seconds and enjoy a frothy, delicious cup of goodness.  You are welcome!

If you would like to shop for some of these ingredients, I have placed a link under the “Recommend” section. I am an Amazon affiliate. I appreciate your support by shopping through my links! Thanks!

*Here is what has to say about the origins of the word, “skinflint”  

“miser, one who makes use of contemptible economy to keep money,” 1700, slang; literally “kind of person who would skin a flint to save or gain something,” from skin (v.) + flint”

Here are some Amazon Affiliate links to some of my recommended coffee enhancers:

I like the Ninja Express Food Chopper. It does dual purpose in my kitchen chopping herbs, onions, garlic, etc and as my personal blender for blending coffee and other drinks.

If money were no object, I would have a Vitamix blender. They have several pitcher sizes including a personal cup. Very popular and long lasting blenders.

For making ‘cofftea’, my favorites are Tulsi tea and Chai.

For added health benefits and to make a richer, frothy cup of coffee I use grass-fed collagen and gelatin as my ‘creamer’.

I use the Now brand of inulin for a prebiotic, but there are others to choose from.

To sweeten the pot, I use stevia English Toffee flavored drops, but there are many flavors to experiment with. I also like the caramel.

My favorite additive: dark chocolate!


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